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15 April 2007

Dear Jeff:

I have been following your sniping and would not give you the benefit of a comment but I hold you personally responsible for the possible failure of the Summer Program in Italy.

Hugo Valenica, Supreme Vice President in Charge of Foreign Programs, and I (along with our wives Caroline and Marvelle) worked hard on this program. We traveled to Italy at great personal hardship -- including missing classes -- to find suitable housing, restaurants, and historical sites that the students could learn from and enjoy.

The idea, as you know, was that the professors would actually make the program student oriented. Thus, the classes would be done by video feed or (failing that) postcards with the students remaining safe and sound at home and happily eating at U.S. McDonalds and not Italian McDonalds. They would still "experience" the restaurants, sites, and the classes in Italy. This is just the type of program you should like -- we put students first!

Yes, the faculty did seem reluctant to approve the program until I indicated that we would be needing several guest lecturers to travel to Italy as part of the course. Then the vote was unanimous.

Thirty students had agreed to pay the bargain rate of $3000 each. This was just enough to cover airfares for the four of us (our wives had donated their time requiring only that their expenses be covered) and suitable lodging and meals for six weeks.

Now several of the students' parents have complained about the students not actually going to Italy. This is because they do not understand that the word "in" as in "Summer Study in Italy" has a variety of meanings. It is precisely because of type of misunderstanding that most educated people know to avoid by observing the New York Time Rule.

This time you have gone too far. I firmly believe you are the one who has complained about the program in Italy and you are, thus, responsible for the withdrawals, and the FTC investigation. I am offended by your lack of collegiality and your hypocritical disregard for the students.

Chadsworth Osborne Junior III

* * *

15 April 2007

Dear Chad:

Thanks for your note. I understand your concerns. I can assure you that I have not addressed the Summer in Italy Program. In fact, I continue to applaud and value your efforts on behalf of the profession.



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