Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watching Classist Behavior

Just watch and you see class bias/privileged behavior everyday. I keep wondering, "who teaches these people that the world was created to serve them."

Case one: The Barber Shop

So I am in the barber shop and in comes -- let's call her Mitzy -- and says, "My husband just called from Chicago. He will be back in town on Wednesday and will go to Munich on Sunday for a week. Can he get a hair cut on Friday?"

Greg the Barber: "I am not going to be open this Thursday or Friday."

Mitzy: (Standing there) "But he will be going to Munich for a week on Sunday."

Greg: (long pause) "So, he will only be here on Thursday and Friday? . . . . And I will be out of town then."

Mitzy: (stands there and no one is saying anything and I am thinking "What the fuck does it matter that he is going to Munich? Is there a fresh haircut requirement.") "Yes I understand but he cannot come here on before Thursday and he is going to Munich for a week."

Greg: "I am not going to be here."

Mitzy: (after another long pause) So, you cannot give him a haircut. . ?"

Greg: "That's right."

Mitzy: (Yet another long pause.) Oh. (she leaves)

Case two: The Casebook

Law professor goes to teach in an overseas summer program knowing what he will teach in the fall. Toward the end of the stay at the overseas site an emergency call to the secretarial pool. "Could you go into my office and mail me my casebook for the fall. Oh yea, make that an overnight delivery" (yes for the 10 pound book) so I can begin preparing my syllabus for the Fall."

Huh!!?? Anything outrageous about this? If you do not see it, it can only because you have the same sense of entitlement.

Moreover, think about the climate set by an administration that looks the other way.

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