Monday, February 09, 2009

Law Suit

Several readers have asked if I am going to blog about the pending law suit against UF and the Law School that Paul Caron has publicized.

I really cannot. I have thankfully been out of the loop on virtually all of the details. This is a huge Law School and I doubt very seriously that one person's take would be accurate.


Anonymous said...

I wish you would shed some light on the litigation. Is is pretty harsh and damaging to the School, the students and faculty who are not involved. Is it really that bad.

Jeffrey Harrison said...

I know nothing about the procedural aspects of Professor Russell-Brown's departure. I do think it will be revealed that some of the more sensational aspects of the complaint are misleading. For example, it appears that the shoving and snubbing incidents, if they occurred at all, involved African American faculty. In addition, it is not my recollection that Pat Shannon made the statement that the School was not ready for and African American Dean. At the most basic level I think that statement itself is false and I believe that the identity of the actual person who said it, if it was said, will deflate any sentiment that it was motivated by racial animous.