Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Too Much of an Exaggeration

Dear Professor Elite:

I have scheduled you for a 12 hour teaching load next semester. This is composed of 4 hours of contracts (Monday-Thurs at 10) and 3 hours of Business Associations (Wed-Fri at 1) in the Fall. In the Spring, you are scheduled to teach 3 hours of Agency and Partnership (Tues - Thurs at 2) and 2 hours of a Seminar in Advanced Business Associations (3-5 Monday). It is important to offer all these courses at the times indicated in order to give the students as many choices as possible and avoid conflicts with other courses they may want to take.


Dean Everydean


Dear Dean Everydean:

My schedule looks fine except for a few adjustments. I will be unable to teach on Monday or on Friday. On Friday I travel and sometimes I am unable to be here on Monday. In addition, I cannot possible take on a 12 hour teaching load because I am working on an important book and several seminal articles. In any case, I cannot teach effectively with only 2 hours between class especially when those two hours are over the lunch period. I look forward to the seminar but cannot be on campus after 2 PM and I would like to change the subject matter to "Law and the Films of Morgan Freeman." As usual, please cap my classes at 8 students so I can give each one individual attention. One final manner. I see that contracts is scheduled for four meetings. Please schedule it for 2 sessions of two hour each so I will have time to do my research. Otherwise, looks great! Thanks in advance for making these adjustments.


Professor Elite


Dear Professor Elite:

Could you please tell me what you are willing to do next semester and I will schedule you accordingly.

Thank you

Dean Everydean


Anonymous said...

I lol'ed.

Jeffrey Harrison said...

Thanks. I did not want to mention that Monday classes were actually out because it is the day for tennis, massage and a therapy session.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because it's true.