Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Hold Your Breath

Don't hold your breath if you expect to hear or even think these thoughts may occur on a law faculty:

1. I've talked enough. I'll be quiet and let someone else speak.

2. It does not seem fair that I teach so few students while others teach so many.

3. This seminar topic is really interesting to me but it would be better if I taught something the students need more.

4. That article you wrote was so interesting!

5. Maybe it is not right for me to vote against hiring or tenure candidates because they do not agree with me politically.

6. I should probably pay for this trip with my own money.

7. Maybe it is not right to vote to give someone tenure who has not done much but is my friend.

8. Maybe the Dean will catch on to the fact that my office visits and phone calls are just a way of kissing ass.

9. Maybe I am not the smartest person on the faculty.

10. Maybe this article is too much like the last one I wrote.

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Photography Course said...

The Picture's so cute...

Don't try holding your breath..

Does these lines really occurs on a law faculty?