Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watchin Obama Sink

[Posted this yesterday. Now watching Obama's press conference -- very weak, aloof, unresponsive.]

Have you ever driven by an independently owned restaurant and estimated how long it would take for it to fold? It actually happens all the time. Having enough money to open a restaurant is apparently unrelated to good judgment and common sense. The roads are littered with these sad efforts.

Just as obvious to me is how badly Obama is handing what is generally known now as his Katrina. Today in the new debate about whether he is doing enough, I actually heard a spokesperson say "he understands how they feel." Now let's suppose there is nothing, absolutely nothing that the government can do. Nothing the Navy could do to stop the spread and no one who could subcontract the clean up process to the Dutch who are fairly good at at.

Assuming all this, would a political adviser with even a ounce of sense really not advise Obama to put on a windbreaker and get his butt down to the Gulf at least one every 10 days. I am not talking about cleaning anything thing up. I am talking about pure politics -- getting reelected even while screwing up. Put him on the news walking among the people. Create photo ops of him listening grimly.

Is this a sign of surrounding himself with "yes" men and women who are afraid to deliver a message he does not want to hear. Is it his personal arrogance based on what increasingly appears to be an ability to get ahead by simply talking? His ship is sinking in a sea of oil.


Stephanie said...

I agree that Obama really had a chance to prove himself and he has remained woefully unseen.

eric said...

In this case, BP stands for Beyond Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Something I have wondered about since Obama became a widely known public figure was the relationship between his ability to communicate network etc and his actual ability to accomplish things. To some extent I think this is symptomatic of this class of people who define the elite. As you note through out your blog part of problem with this group is their insular existence which is mostly defined by their well maintained social network. Thus when they are confronted with a real dilemmas, lets say an oil spill, or a costly and ineffective system of higher education, with massive amounts of class bias, the most these people will do are things intended to look good, like flying to the Gulf or giving lip service to "diversity" while ultimately they do nothing except continue to satisfy the needs of maintain their position in society.