Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Don't Want to be Right . . . Comment

A reader asked this question and I think it and the answer may be of interested to some:

Q: What do your colleagues say when they see an interaction they had with you show up on your blog? Any embarrassment or self-reflection at all?

Dear Anonymous: First, in many instances they do not see themselves because the anecdote is actually not based on anyone at my school. In fact, some of the most outrageous ones did not happen here and probably 80% of the ones at my school involve the same group of repeat players.

Far more importantly, one of the rules of elites is to never confront a non elite like me. That shows you care and indicates a sign of weakness. Much of what I write is designed to provoke an encounter that would allow the issues to aired. Maybe someone will punch me, file a grievance or just yell at me. I would welcome it. It never happens because of the "show no weakness" rule. To actually want to talk about the issues I raise would mean that just maybe I have a point and that would be a concession they do not make. Remember, it is a life long negotiation.

Finally, do they reflect? It is hard for me to know this but I doubt it. I noted in the last post a recent situation in which I asked something or proposed something and the responder just more or less made up a different question and argued against that one. I attempted to point that out with zero success. In fact, what I was met with was another example. Evidently it is a bubble that you only see if you have been outside the bubble.


James said...

Can't wait to be in one of your classes! I really enjoy your perspective.

This link won't be anything new to you, but it is a good read.

Anonymous said...

"Far more importantly, one of the rules of elites is to never confront a non elite." - Bingo