Friday, July 08, 2011

The Trial

I did not keep up with the trial like many others. I caught a bit of the closing arguments and about 20 minutes of testimony. Most of my reasons are based on hearsay and news reports.

1.In my short exposure, the lawyer I would most like to fire would be the smirking prosecutor. He was entrusted with millions of taxpayers' dollars and, if it had been close, his wise ass behavior could have lost it.

2. There should have been a directed verdict at the end of the prosecution's case. I say that because when they ended there was reasonable doubt and the fantasy world painted by the defense did not damages the prosecution's case -- it was weak from the outset.

3. I fear that the defense attorney will be viewed now as having done a great job. In fact, I think he gets a C at best. Or, put differently, the defendant won despite the defense her attorney put on.

4. I believe there was reasonable doubt here and the jurors overcame personal feelings to get to the result. In the OJ case there may have been reasonable doubt but I do not think the jurors would have overcome their personal feelings to get a conviction if there had not been.

5. It was painful watch the State's Attorney on TV try to cover his butt after spending so much on so little.

6. Public reaction further convinces me that if it were not for the Bill of Rights we would live in a police state.

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