Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Random News in the Absence of Rile

Saw a play last night and after talked to my wife about how I did not care for plays. Two hours later buying tickets to see The Commitments in London next month. That's not the crazy part. The crazy part is  I will not be in London next month.

Law suit against the University and a former dean finally settled although I was hoping for a trial, Odd terms --- neither party can say anything disparaging about the other or it is a breach of the settlement. We will see how that goes.

Also, all inquiries about the plaintiff must be referred to the Provost who promises not to say bad things. OK so you call the Dean at a law school about someone and the dean says "you have to call the Provost." I am not sure that is neutral,

Wondering  if our former dean now holds the record for lawsuits filed against him as dean. Probably not but proof that sending mixed signals, hunkering down, and hoping problems disappear on their own can get you sued.

Irony? Recycling truck pick us plastics, metal, and paper and goes down the street with deadly looking blue/black smoke billowing out.

Read the worst book every written -- Bourne's Redemption. Audio CD in car, At one point there is a "reign of terror" which creates a downpour. At another, "The men came out of the room like boiling water."Similes and metaphor in every other sentence.

Search on for Associate Dean at my Law School. Unfortunate that the world's best Associate Dean will not go one more year since we will get an new dean and a new associate dean in the same year. Plenty of good candidates and some maybe not so good.

Rubber match in girls softball, I'm as nervous as a two legged  cat riding a gator's back. (not found in the above mentioned book). Gators lost 1-0 last night. If you hold the other team to one run you are supposed to win.


Athena said...

University of Florida had a huge problem with the former dean i suppose. It sounds good it ended with a settlement. A process with such negative feelings in the air would have caused a nervous breakdown to many faculty members.

Jeffrey Harrison said...

Actually has been no resolution to the underlying events. A trial with cross examination and witnesses could have allowed many people who claim they were lied about to give their side of the story. Settlement, when third parties who are affected but have made no say, just leaves things bleeding. J

Athena Stafyla said...

Hi Jeff,

Lying about other people and defaming them is the most dark side in University working environments. Some people become very easily criminal to promote themselves. They think they push through this way colleagues with a much better career and honesty easily out of the game. It is very sad. Try only to think that many people do not believe in lies so easily and they know who is the honest and who is the liar.

Something out of topic: I hope you enjoyed the link i sent to your university email with an article on Good Faith in the Canadian common law of Contracts. The author presents shortly two very interesting new decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada.

best greetings

Athena Stafyla

Jeffrey Harrison said...

Thanks for the article.