Thursday, July 16, 2015

Commercial Monetary Policy Conference

I have been in hot water lately with most academics because I took a vacation and did not figure out a way to get my School to pay for it. Several faculty complained to the Dean. I  was so out of line, I complained about me.

Problem solved. I was checking out of the 7 room Volcano Hotel and asked if they took US dollars. They do but I did not quite have enough to cover the tab. Together the manager and I determined how many dollars and how many Iceland Krone (the coins are so cute, the have fish on them, more fish more value).

We took some time and  I realized we were having a CONFERENCE on Contract Law and International Currency. And, it was kind of a conference version of cinema verite. So I had some programs printed up and they looked like this:


July 15, 2015

Volcano Hotel  (about 10 miles west of Vik,  Iceland)

Meeting Room: Check Out Desk in Entry Area

Speakers: Jeffrey Harrison
Jeff's wife, Sarah

Papers Delivered: On the Complexity of Dividing Everything By 750.

Skype is available for those unable to attend.

Registration Fee: $500
Late Registration $300
No Registration $200.


Anonymous said...

I posted previously about how I could not make any sense of your posts.

You responded that you agreed with me. HOW CUTE.

I have been practicing nearly 40 years, and this post is simply non-sensical.

I have deleted your blog from my bookmarks. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

This post is awesome. I have added your blog to my bookmarks. Will keep you abreast of any future changes to my bookmark list.

lawguy said...

OK, a second try. I've been practicing (law) for a little over thirty years (depressing enough, I know) and I found your post funny. So I'm adding your blog to my bookmarks.

You lose some you win some.