Monday, October 10, 2016

Pigs in Blankets, Trumpian Truths, Wanted Truths, and Law Faculties

What are Trumpian Truths? These days I hide from CNN and Presidential debate but even I know what Trumpian Truths are. They are misrepresentations (lies, exaggerations, etc.) that people believe because they want to even though if put to some sort of life and death test they would admit that they do not really believe it. So, let's say Donald says "HRC is responsible for 9/11." Some people, desperate to hate HRC, believe it or act like it is true. In acting like it is true they repeat it and it becomes real. Unfortunately, people used to believe anything that was in print. Now some people believe anything that is spoken as long as they want to believe it. And, yes, here I am again on my rant against faculty gossip and the gossipers.

Sometimes a Trumpian Truth is wrapped in a layer of deniability, something like a pig in an blanket. Call this a Trumpian Truth with a Side of Deniability. It would go something like this: "I recently learned that Hillary was responsible for 9/11" or "Many people are upset about HRC's involvement in 9/11." So, the repeater cozies up to a lie and veers off at the last minute. They may or may not have heard exactly what they repeated. As listener you cannot say he or she has lied or, in fact, that anyone has lied. Maybe the originator said, "Well at least we are pretty sure Hillary had nothing to do with 9/11" which then becomes "I heard we cannot be sure Hillary was not involved in 9/11" which then becomes "Hillary might have been involved in 9/11" and ends up at "I've heard that Hillary took part in the planning of 9/11." And, of course, the haters act as though it is the truth because they want it to be the truth.

Yes, now you recognize it as very close to gossip and how gossip is invited and consumed by those who want to believe. Some time ago I saw this in terms of homophobia. The pig in this case was "Jake is homophobic" but once wrapped in its blanket it became "I was told Jake was homophobic." So the speaker knows not to go full Trump because that would mean accountability. Plus, maybe someone did say Jake was homophobic or they at least they heard Jake was homophobic or they thought it was possible Jake was homophobic. In fact, we could all be homophobic so I guess you have now heard that we cannot rule out, dear reader, that you are indeed homophobic. How does it feel?  Ah yes, law school gossip. It has more legs than a conjoined caterpiller.

 In some case, the pig is not only in a blanket but coated with a crust so you have double deniability. How about this one for a starter "If accurately portrayed, I believe an informed observer would deem these measures to be of academic character and to constitute a downgrading of the . . .  program within the college" Yes, I am not kidding, a very worried person and litigious I suspect (but do not know) because who else would be careful enough to invoke double deniability. Does not know the facts but heard them! Evidently no effort to verify them. Does not necessarily think this but maybe someone would! So, what the hell, I'll tell you what someone else might think about something that might have happened.  

[By the way, while I am at it, "if it is true that Jeff  was seen wearing women's clothing a reasonable person [not me God forbid] might think Jeff is transgender."] 

Why say anything at all if you do not know the facts and can only speculate about what someone would think? Herein lies the Trumpian connection. Law faculty members do not lie outright, nor did this one. but they will throw some bait out  there so those that want to believe have something to point to as the basis for wanted beliefs.  To me they are no better than Donald himself, maybe worse. Donald, at least, has balls. 

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