Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Poor Baby!!

Yes, I practically weeping. And what about? It's those working conditions for Law Professors. No I am not talking about the secretaries who come to work everyday at 8 and leave at 5 and must use sick leave to take a sick child to the doctor.
I am talking about law professors who are so very important that their teaching schedules have to be just so or perhaps they "just cannot take it."
Think about it:
1. Some need Friday off because they go to so many important conferences where there are many other important people.
2. Some can't teach after 3 because that means hiring a care taker for the kids. By the way, who is taking care of the secretary's kids?
3. Some can't be on campus all that much because they live so very far away.
4. Some can't teach early in the morning because that would mean driving in when traffic is at a peak.
5. Some can't possibly teach more than 2 days a week because they have so much research to do. Poor things!!
6. Some just can't be in class more than 9 hours a week because, again, it would get in the way of all that important research.
I am so sad.

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