Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ways to be a Big Shot

I guess this is for new law professors because all the veterans know how to frame things to may themselves look more important. So

1. The third level law journal at Harvard has agreed to publish your article: From here after you refer to this as "My article at Harvard."

2. One of the second tier law schools near or in Boston invites you to give a talk. From here after you refer to this as: "I will be in Cambridge [be sure to book a room there] giving a talk."

3. You get a brochure about a opening for dean at a law school. From here after you refer to this as: "I am talking to the University of ________, with respect to an administrative post."

4. Your parents live in Dade City Florida. You visit them once a month. From this point forward, "I'll be in D.C. for a few days."

5. At a huge cocktail party you are in the receiving line and meet the governor. From this point forward: "I was just taking to Charlie about that problem the other night."

6. You spot Al Sharpton in a coffee shop where you are having breakfast. From now on: "I was having breakfast with Al just the other day."

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