Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rent Boy

In the letter posted two posts down, the colleague who wrote to lecture the faculty and myself on Constitutional issues and then engaged in some old fashion intorance via name calling made reference to a "rent boy."

A "rent boy" is, of course, a male prostitute. My favorite reference to a "rent boy" is actually not in the colleague's email even thought it is a close call, but in the John Wesley Harding song, "Get Back Down." Here is a verse:

You know if jesus was a rent boy
Then God was his pimp
The people in power they squeezed him
Until he went limp
If the new messiah called here
First, we'd put him on hold,
Get him a deal and a good-looking haircut
We'd make him look less old
Less good and less old
Tell him to get back down

It's a terrific song. John Wesley Harding is actually Wesley Stace, also a novelist.


eric said...

I love JWH. Glad to see you're also a fan.

Jeffrey Harrison said...

Not for everyone I guess. Never understood why he is not bigger.