Saturday, September 25, 2010

What an Entitled Faculty Wants to Know

It is the time of year when invitations to interview in Washington are extended and for some, invitations to campus visits. The first stage is pretty much a beauty contest. Have the right credentials, dress conservatively and with good taste and sound eager and alert and you take a step forward toward your life-time sometimes- achievement-sometimes-no-so-much-achievement award of tenure. I've discussed the dos and don'ts before and, for many candidates, it's too late to do some of the critical dos -- go to a fancy school, get on a first name basis with some over hyped professor there etc.

You also have to be what today passes as liberal but is actually conservative and intolerant. That brings me to the most critical test. Tolerance. A deal killer is any signal, so matter how subtle or slight that you might not be totally tolerant of your potential colleagues' pervasive intolerance.

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