Saturday, February 01, 2014

More on UF Dean

Since I wrote my last post a few minutes ago, the list has gone to 4 -- Acosta, Brennen, Huebner, Donaldson. Interestingly, my first and last choices -- Brennen and Acosta -- remain in the running. Joining them are two tweeners. One pick strikes me as odd. Huebner seems to have no  connection to Florida, UF, or the South. But he does have the most elitist credentials of the pack. Another, Donaldson,  could be the sleeper.  I know of no negatives except possibly on the matter of experience.


Fred said...

I'm surprised you think Huebner has the most elitist credentials. From a brief look at the resumes I would say it's Acosta. Despite that I don't see him getting picked.

My bet is on Brennen.

Jeffrey Harrison said...

You may be right Fred. Let's see Harvard + Harvard + clerkship for soon to be supreme Court justice v. Princeton + Yale + Ambassador. Hmm. Super Bowl of credentials.