Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Get in a Fox Hole With an Elite

I really like John Kerry. Think he would have been a terrific President and respect his war record. But, if you have seen the news lately you have seen the tape of a University of Florida student being mugged by the UF police. It's grim and alarming. One only hopes UF does not have a real emergency.

The episode began with the student attempting to ask Kerry a question. As the police descended on him and pinned him and then tasered him, you can hear Kerry's voice in the background. "That is an important question," he says. "It deserves to be answered." As far as I can tell he does not shout STOP THIS or make any truly assertive move to intervene.

I could not help but think how much this is what one expects from an elitist. As I have written before, elitist rarely show passion or an inclination to get involved. (I am not sure they have the capacity to.) Showing passion would mean someone would know you feel deeply and it would also expose a weak spot to foes. The elitists are ultimately bystanders.

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Jesse said...

I have to agree. My first thought upon seeing the video was, "If 6 (?) officers couldn't restrain one college student without the help of a taser, I don't feel very safe." And then I wondered why the man that was almost our president didn't do anything. =(