Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Irrational Hiring

Over on Moneylaw I described the outcome of an empirical study comparing the output of scholarship of elite and non elite law school grads who are now teaching at mid range law schools. In another post I listed some of the arbitrary decisions one must make in attempting an effort like that. Although I plan to redo the study and attempt to refine it the bottom line is that there is virtually no difference in the quantity of scholarship produced by those with highly elite credentials and those with out. This means that those law school hiring committees that allow themselves to be swayed by the school from which a candidate graduated are relying on a short cut that has no particular meaning and, frankly, are being lazy.

The study considered only 4 mid level schools for two reasons. First, I wanted to hold constant for the school at which the prof teaches. Second, it is hard to find non elite grads at highly ranked schools.

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