Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entitled to be Sure

When you live in the land of the entitled there are little signs here and there of priviledged lives. One of the obvious ones is the faculty lounge. If your school is fortunate enough to have the funding, you probably find coffee, fruit, and a vaiety of pastries and breads in the lounge each morning. By afternoon is is gone replaced by banana peels, apple cores, muffin wrappers, spilled coffee, dirty cups, and the like. The trash can is 10 feet away but the assumption, I suppose. is that someone else deals with the trash.

Is leaving your trash around the worst of academic sins? Hardly. There are many more that actually make shareholders (students, taxpayers and donors) worse off than necessary. On the other hand, is there any better indication of a sense of entitlement and the likely consequences of that sense in other areas of one's life than leaving trash for a secretary or someone else to clean up?


Anonymous said...

"Pasties" and coffee? Wow, that must be quite a morning show in the faculty lounge. And I thought my law school's senior (male) faculty was demanding and entitled!

Jeff Harrison said...

Bad proof reading not Freudian I assure you but maybe one never knows.