Sunday, January 28, 2007

Opps, You did it Again!

Dear Jeff:

I see you have posted another of my letters in strict violation of the New York Times Rule. If you had read my blog, you would understand the need for the rule especially among those of us who value our personal integrity – obviously something of little importance to you. But I challenge you. Who do you find more trustworthy: Someone who does not write anything down in order to maintain his or her flexibility or someone who does write it down because the truth is the same no matter who the listener is? I rest my case!!

Since you have violated the rule and posted my letters – something I trust you will not repeat – I must clarify something for your paltry band of readers and others who mistakenly find their way to your blog.

I mention this because I promised Hugo to clarify. In my letter I indicated that Hugo is “vice president in charge of international programs. He is, in truth, “senior vice president of in charge of international programs.” He was terribly hurt by your omission and I promised to publicly apologize.

I am happy to apologize in light of the exciting summer program he is setting up in Rome. It is beyond splendid and something that would appeal to moneylaw types.

The program is open to as many students who choose to sign up and tuition is quite low – it just covers the cost of the program (important to you, I know). Hugo and I (Caroline and Marvelle will accompany us) will offer the course in Rome. That is, the four of us will go to Rome. The students will actually stay in the United States. What could be more student sensitive? We will lecture from Rome -- twice a week each -- using a video feed. In addition, will "take" them on several guided tours and even invite them to our meals. They will have intimate contact with Rome, Romans, and Italian law without all the messiness of actually going to Rome. Instead, Hugo and I will do the heavy lifting.



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