Friday, January 26, 2007

Ghost Article

Dear Jeff:

I noticed that you have posted my letter to you on your pathetic blog and I fear your misguided effort is designed to ridicule me and my colleagues. I am sincerely amazed and fear for your well-being.

You seem to have the impression that the worth of a law professor is determined by what he or she does. In fact, the true worth of a law professor is determined by what he or she is. Law school hiring committees know this. Take for instance your own which, with minor exception, interviewed only candidates from elite schools.

Nevertheless, even if I accepted your view that doing is more important than being, we (my similarly credentialed colleagues and I ) do so much more. Just this morning in the faculty lounge I was able to set my colleagues straight about the quality of one of the candidates the faculty had mistakenly given a very positive vote. Luckily my dean seems to understand that is best to listen to those of us who are connected and not to the vast majority of the faculty.

And then this afternoon I did some important consulting with Hugo Valencia, vice president in charge of intenational programs. Yes, it was over tennis and drinks and, yes, Caroline and Marvelle, our wives, joined us, but many important and productive things were said. I should have invited one of the assistant professors to transcript our discussion. No doubt it was worthy of publication thus I will list it as a “ghost publication” on my resume.

Time to rest. Don’t you agree.


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