Monday, April 07, 2014

A Public Apology

For several posts now I have been complaining about my law school posting a notice for a job that was essentially filled or at least was only available to the spouse of a candidate another department wanted. I have been harsh in my criticism and I have not even discussed that vast majority of the faculty who evidently thought it was the upstanding thing to do.

The ad drew about 20 applicants some of whom went to substantial trouble to prepare their application. My first inclination was to think my Law School had been deceptive, wrong not to admit its misdealing action,  and insensitive to those who might spend an afternoon or longer getting their materials together.

Now, through the miracle of a home made BLT and a good talking to by myself, I know I am wrong and here are the top ten reasons to send out a fake job ad.

10. Good practice for when there is a genuine job opening to advertise.
9.   Practice for those applying when there is a real job to apply for.
8. Increased happiness for those thinking there might be a job for them.
7. You graduated from Harvard and you'll do what you damn well please.
6. It was almost April Fools day.
5. Toughens up those who are unemployed.
4. Being honest just wastes time.
3. It makes used car dealers look good by comparison.
2. If we don't post fake job openings someone else will have to do it.
1. Global warming (I did not understand this one either.)

So, my apologies for not seeing the silver lining.


Anonymous said...

This practice is an abomination. Thank you for bringing it and all of its excruciating hypocrisy to light.

BTW, we were forced to do this (in a non-law school situation), and low and behold, the couple divorced, the prize catch left, and you know the rest of the story. Ouch.

Keep up your great work, Sir!

Jeffrey Harrison said...

We've had the divorce scenario also. There ought to be a contract about it not applying if they divorce withing 10 years of starting.

Anonymous said...

How about this reason: the school is required to post it BY LAW. You couldn't figure this out but claim you're a "law professor"? Sheesh.