Monday, April 21, 2014

The Law Prof Wrist Band: Sociology of Law Profs: 6

Remember those wrist bands that said "What would ____ do."  I think they started out being religious in nature but then became funny. The one I wear says "What would Crazy one Eye do?"

I was thinking there could be wrist bands for all University faculty to wear that would say "What would a Law Professor  Do" and the law school would be a standard  for the right and ethical thing to do. You, know -- like the ubiquitous Lance Armstrong wristband above. Just kidding.  But then I realized that, if those bands existed and people wore them, when they read the little message it would be translated into "What would Tony Soprano,  Dick Cheney or Bernie Madoff  Do." Between cheating on the USN&WR rankings, hiring pals, crazy hiring, and tenure standards, vanity courses, and on and on, what else could they possible think?

This also made me think that law profs could have second careers as football coaches but certainly not as golfers.  Specifically, in football, there are rules but the idea is to get around them and try hard not to get caught. If holding can help you win, hold as long as you are good at concealment. Pass interference is also dandy, just don't get caught. In golf, believe it or not, players often report to the officials when they have broken a rule and take what ever penalty there even though it can mean a loss of thousands of dollars. Which of these approaches do you think most parallels that of law professors? -- football or golf. Actually, now that I think of it, which is more similar to many of the the folks locked up in jail. Of course, law profs do it with great civility where civility is the big blanket behind which you must not look. And, when caught they are silent.

I think I may go over the the Med School and check out their faculty. Suppose I find they are all  smokers, grossly overweight, and having lunch everyday at KFC. If so, I'll get rid of my "what would a Medical school professor eat." I've already thrown away my "what would a law professor do" wrist band.

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