Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Counting Sheep

Anyone reading this knows that UF Central Ad scuttled the search for a new dean a couple weeks ago even though the faculty was overwhelming in favor or two candidates. Later President Machen came to the Law School to explain why. It was because we need someone better. (Some cynics think it was because we rejected Alexander Acosta but who knows.) So it was a bit of a pep talk about aspirations and how great we can be.

At virtually the same time he sent over his own candidate for a faculty position. Not in an area where we needed help. And since there was no search, maybe not someone we would have hired even if we were looking in that area. Her main qualification -- she was married to a person the Med School wanted to hire. I'm trying to look on the bright side. I guess this is diversity hiring since we actually do not have anyone on the faculty married to her spouse.  But really, which is it Mr. President? Do you want the law school to be excellent or to be the water boy for the rest of the University?

There had to be faculty vote and she got a positive one. Some people voted yes out of fear after the Dean announced the reaction of the Central Campus would be a "catastrophe" if the Law School voted no.  Some, who share her area of specialty, likely voted out of self interested noting how hard they work teaching classes with as many as 30 people in them some semesters. Yes, as many as 30. At the top of this post I have provided a photo of many of the voters.

The thing that amazes me is not any of the above but  the hypocrisy of people who talk about excellence and diversity but would not waste a molecule of energy to really go after it. Unless, of course, diversity means having someone on the faculty to whom no one else is married or pulling some strings to get your own spouse hired.

But it also means these people do not give a fuck about simple fairness or equal opportunity.   Their willingness to vote to hire someone whose hubby will likely pull down 500K a year without asking 1) is she the best candidate? 2) is there someone more deserving out there? astounds me. In fact, giving 150K of someone else's money means nothing to them.  Hiring without giving all qualified candidates a chance at the job is OK in the club of the privileged. Yes, UF is an Equal Opportunity Employer but don't believe it no matter how much ass covering takes place.

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