Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is the Dachshund a Working Class Dog?

I always thought so. I mean how could any self respecting elitist own a dachshund when he or she could have a golden retriever. Or maybe the working class dog is really a tiny poodle.

Now I have to rethink the dachshund after reading this Don Burness Poem from Brutal as All Olympics Are.

The Meaning of Life

The painter Bonnard knew
Picasso and Andy Warhol knew
Henry James knew
Dorothy Parker knew
P.G. Wodehouse knew
E.B. White knew
Queen Victoria surely knew
And I know
and I taught my students
that the meaning of life
the dachshund!


LuckyJimJD said...

If dachshunds were good enough for Dorothy Parker, they're good enough for me. I'm partial to the wire-haired variety.

Anonymous said...

I take exception. The meaning of life is the cavalier.

Rowdy and Bette said...

No, No, the Meaning of Life IS the dachshund! A dog for all classes. If a self-respecting elitist wants a golden retriever, they should adopt an English
Creme Dachshund.

Joey and Maggie
The Long and
Short of it All

Lex and Peanut said...

I agree, the meaning of life must be dachshunds because what other dog can make you laugh like they do, make you smile like they do, and give you the benefits of have a typical "family dog", "lap dog", "show dog" and more. This breed just has it all.

My dachshund says so; so, it must be true.